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Recruitment in Romania

With recruitment in Romania we mean recruitment for a client. The recruited professionals will work for the client and have the employment contract with the client.

We offer tailor made solutions within recruitment with search and headhunting. We offer complete solutions within recruitment were advertisement, networks, database search and direct search is included. We differentiate by offering direct search as a natural part and complement of the recruitment process. This will give the full picture of the candidates that are available on the market and we will select the best candidates for the assignment.

We assign our experienced recruitment consultants to clients according to the number of positions which need to be filled. If requested, these consultants will take over the entire recruitment process, including interviews and candidate selection, advising respective departments and drafting contracts.

We are specialized in the recruitment of executives, management and specialists in engineering and sales. We implements demanding and interesting recruitment assignments for domestic and international companies. We work with targeted direct search in the market, including executive searches, handling advertisements, processes and management due diligence.

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